Thursday, July 29, 2010

You Are Everything You Choose To Be

Wouldn't you like to have the financial freedom to do all the things you want to do? You could be your own boss, take time off to be with your family and friends. Or you could travel anywhere in the world and spend time on your hobbies. So what is stopping you?

From the time we were very young we have had dreams of what we want to do. When we were very young we believed it was possible to achieve our dreams. Unfortunately family, friends and life itself seems intent on telling us that we can't.

Most of us are convinced by the negative bombardment and settle for a life we don't really want but we get by. Eventually we almost forget our dreams. When we do remember them it is with rueful regret. We accept that they were just never going to happen.

Sometimes we see other people living our dreams. Were they just lucky? They aren't any more intelligent or better educated. Are some people born unlucky?

Your brain is a super computer, and like any other computer it will act in the way it is programmed. If you have fed it the wrong information you will get the wrong result. Now you have to de-bug your brain and reload the information that will lead to your success.

The answer is resoundingly negative. If your dream is humanly possible then you can achieve it. You need to get rid of all that negativity out of your brain and reprogramme it with positivity.

Now is the time to get started. For help and advice click here or email . Also have a look at Be Your Own Boss/

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