Monday, July 26, 2010

Marketing Your Own Skills - Essential If You Want To Be Your Own Boss

Number Three on the list of how you can become a successful entrepreneur is by marketing your own skills.

Everyone has at least one skill and no-one knows everything there is to know about any skill. Many years ago when I first started writing articles and instruction manuals professionally I was told that my strong point
was that I wasn't afraid to ask the how, why and where questions that experts didn't like to ask because they thought they should know the answers but didn't. Experts had to admit they don't know everything. So whatever your skill is you will know something that people will pay for.

Two ladies I know have built up a very successful business doing home decorating – hanging wall paper, painting woodwork and ceilings with extremely professional results. And they clean up after themselves which men don’t always do!

Several other people I know walk dogs for people who are at work all day or are too elderly or infirm to do it themselves.

Many people need odd jobs done round the home that can be handled by what used to be called ‘handymen’. Putting up shelves, changing a washer, moving furniture around are all jobs which need doing but don’t warrant the attention of larger firms.

Writing press releases, advertising brochures, designing adverts for local businesses, writing reports for occupational newspapers are just some of the ways anyone with journalistic ability could go.

The opportunities for photographers are massive already and are growing every day.

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