Friday, July 30, 2010

Be Your Own Boss - Sell Other People's Products

You can make a very nice living from selling other peoples products. It's called Affiliate Marketing.

When people create a product, it might be a PDF file, a book, an information manual or video or anything similar which they want to sell on line they can do it themselves. The alternative is to pay other people - affiliates - commission for selling their products for them.

The affiliate puts up a web page promoting the item they have selected. As there will be a fair few affiliates each one tries to make his page the one that stands out. The prospective purchaser is then directed to the seller's page. When a purchase is made the seller sends the product to the buyer and the affiliate is paid the agreed commission without having to bother with packing and shipping the product.

The really successful affiliate concentrates on finding products in a particular niche market. By keeping in contact with the purchaser and providing a good service he or she will be the person who the purchaser will approach for more items in the same niche.

In this way you can build a customer base who you can approach directly with other products.

For help and advice on being your own boss and suggestions for finding your own niche click here or email . Also have a look at Be Your Own Boss/

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