Thursday, March 13, 2008

Don't Buy The Box

We often laugh at young children who ignore the present but play with the box. But isn't that what a lot of us do?

You get the sales letter with the bonuses, testemonials and tempting pictures of the cash you can make and the life you will lead.

All packaging! It's the pretty ribbon, the sparkly paper and the fancy box.

Don't be fooled. Find out if what is in the box is really what you want.

Cross out all the blurb and see what is really on offer. If the bonuses are worthmore than the product don't buy it.

One of the things we do with 'Prospecting For Gold' system is to help new entrepreneurs formulate their own business plans and choose the best of what's on offer.

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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Storm Over -No Damage

Yesterdays post was missed because I was anxiously watching my trees lashing about in the terrific winds and hoping that none of them would blow down on top of either my horses or me.

Thankfully they didn't so there will be a double dose of blog today.

While watching the trees I was able to do some thinking about business opportunities in general.

Looking back over the years I've been studying business opportunities I've noticed that MLM marketing is one of the most controversial on offer. Some regard them with complete and utter disdain, others find them extremely successful.

The arguments against multi-level marketing reminds me of what my Bank Manager (we could actually talk to a real one back in the dark ages) said to me when I was 1 shilling and three pence (old money) overdrawn.

"Just imagine what the state of the economy would be if everyone in the country was 1/3 overdrawn."

In the light of the present credit card debts that amount is laughably small, but my argument is still valid. The odds against that happening were millions to one at that time.

Now I am a great fan of Kleeneze. When I first retired from teaching and retreated to my smallholding to live the life of a hermit with my beloved computer and the internet I signed up with Kleeneze to help out a new distributor and to get me out meeting human beings for a change.

My friend left the company after a month. I loved it and have been doing it on a very part time basis for over 12 years. Why do I like it? Well my customers are now my friends. I don't run it as a business, although it has never made less than £10 per hour which isn't bad for a hobby.

The point of this is that one or two very respected and responsible gurus denigrate Kleeneze as the representative of MLM saying that if every distributor recruited five people there would very soon be all distributors and no customers. Like my BankManager's argument, it is invalid.

Many people will view it as I do, an enjoyable hobby. Others won't be willing to put in the effort needed to turn it into a full-time business and build a team. Those that do, and enjoy it, will be very successful and will make the money they want.

If you are interested in Kleeneze contact me via the email address at the end of this post. Please make it clear that it is Kleeneze that you are interested in, otherwise you will receive information about my main business which is finding your niche as an entrepreneur.

Hope those of you the the SW UK also survived the gales with no damage.

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Sunday, March 09, 2008

Take The Plunge

What would you say about a developer who bought some land but didn’t do anything with it – then complained because it hadn’t made any money for him?

Stupid, Huh?

Maybe another man wasn't that stupid. Maybe he got the land, bought the building materials, got them organised into neat piles and - - - went away and did something else! Then he, too, complained because he hadn’t made any money.

Both men explained that making money from building a house is impossible. The whole idea was a bad one. It was all probably just a big con! Not only that, but all the property developers who were successful were lying or just lucky.

Then you get the sensible bloke who made a fortune. He bought his plot, got the materials he needed and then, with the advice of an expert, built a house, sold it and was on the first step of success where the sky is the limit.

Which are you?

Do you invest in a scheme but fail to follow it through to success?


Did it not really set you on fire? Did you go into it convinced you wouldn't succeed? Or did you chicken out at the last minute?

If you want to succeed don't run up and down the bank or dip your toe in the shallows. Breathe deeply, square yourself up and TAKE THE PLUNGE.

'Prospecting For Gold' will help you make those first steps to achieving your goals.
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Saturday, March 08, 2008

Sensible People Heed Warnings

People who can’t see some sort of global recession coming are like people standing with their backs to an elephant and insisting such animals don’t exist.

Too much of our money is being wasted on futile schemes and posturing by people in authority who should know better. Bonuses, severance pay and golden goodbyes are dished out willy-nilly whether they are deserved or not.

And who pays?

We do - in taxes or higher prices.

The money taken from us isn't an endless resource. When it runs out the economy goes haywire - and you're slap bang in the middle of a recession.

At present it’s not an elephant they don’t believe in? What if it was a lion, not an elephant?

Taking no evasive action would be extremely dangerous.

So let’s take it that the recession is like a lion. It might pounce. It might go away. But the wise person gets to a place of safety as soon as possible.

How can you and I get to a place of safety from the lion of recession? If you want to find out then send your name and address to

Friday, March 07, 2008

Let's Get Down To Business

So here I am back blogging again. This time it’s going to be updated daily to try to get through to some hopeful entrepreneurs who haven’t quite got where they want to be yet.

I’ve come across a lot of people who are getting very disheartened by the numerous get rich quick schemes there are. By the time you've bought them, tried them and found they aren't really for you it's easy to think you're doing something wrong or the scheme is a scam.

Most such schemes are genuine and have done what they claim for some people but by no means all.

So what are the reasons for failing?
a) You haven't really done much more than think what you might do.
b) You haven't followed the instructions to the letter.
c) A certain amount of luck is involved.
d) The scheme doesn't ring any bells for you.

Being an entrepreneur is like climbing a mountain. You don’t just need to know the route you have to know how to tackle it.

Consider I am your guide. I'm not going to climb the entrepreneurial ladder for you. I can show you how to chose the right business for you personally and then suggest the steps you should take to succeed.

I call this 'Prospecting For Gold'.

To find out more send your name and address (and 'phone number if you wish) to for a FREE information pack send.