Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Key to Success

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The world is in a sorry financial state at the moment. People are losing their jobs with poor prospects of finding new ones.

There is no need for anyone to be unemployed.

I can sense load squawks of horror! 'What does this idiot woman think she’s talking about?'

Everyone has some skills, qualities, ideas, experience or time that a lot of other people will be eager to pay for – when they know what it is and when and how they can find it. The trouble is that many of us don’t realise that we have anything worthwhile.

You’ve probably read that statement in my blogs before because it’s a point I can’t make often enough.

 O.K. So it’s not easy, but starting your own small business is very do-able.

Something else that you will have read before – being in an economic downturn is the ideal starting point for becoming your own boss.

Small businesses have lower overheads, fewer staff so less paperwork and expense and freedom to enjoy the fruits of your own labour – and nobody can sack you.

The key to success is to start NOW.

To sum up:-

Why Be Self Employed?

In order to enjoy your life you need two things:

Firstly you need enough freedom to be able to do whatever you want without worrying about money.

Secondly you need enough money to not have to work in a dead end job you hate just to get by.

Economic times are going to be very hard for a while and ~ there is no job security for anyone except the boss.

So now is the time for setting up your own business so that you are the boss who can’t be sacked. We’ve been warned that possibly for the next ten years times are going to be hard. Belts will have to be tightened and living standards will be lower than we have come to expect.

Bad times don’t last for ever. Things eventually get better.

When the economy – or anything else – is at the bottom, the only way is up.

While the majority of people sit back and complain, you can start something small that will grow with the economy.

Remember the entrepreneur’s adage. “When the going gets tough, the tough get going. Tough times don't last - tough people do!"

Money-making ventures started now will grow as things improve. The majority of large, successful businesses started small in times of recession or at least economic hardship. They were also started by ordinary, usually nearly penniless people who knew that they had to do something to survive with any degree of comfort.

 People who don’t desperately need money don’t usually have the burning passion needed to grow something big from something very small. So now is the time to say goodbye to stress, goodbye to deadlines, goodbye to coming home from work every night tired and depressed and start thinking.

Don’t scare yourself by thinking too big at the start. Being your own boss should be enjoyable so grow at your own pace.

Concentrate on the important things.

Visit Show Me Financial Freedom and look at the Business Opportunities page. I’ll be updating it regularly but for the moment I’d like you to look at two short Ebooks books in the “Show Me Financial Freedom – the Key to Success” series by Lesley Cooper available from Amazon.

The first is “Make Money From Car Boot Sales And Markets ~ The easy way to boost your income and build a successful business”

The second is “Twelve Easy Ways To Make Money With Your Camera - Tips on how to start a successful business as a photographer.”

These first two Ebooks in the series will give you some ideas to work on. Look for something in them that you enjoy doing. If there is nothing that lights your fire it won’t be long before more are prepared and uploaded.

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