Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Survive The Recession And Grow

Listening to the news can be depressing. Terrorism and 'weapons of mass destruction' are no longer the main threat. Economic collapse worldwide is looming. Now is the time to act.
Two things to think about.

a)   When the going gets tough, the tough get going.
b)   Don't wait until you're up to your neck in alligators before you start draining the swamp. (Think about it.)
1)      Look for a money making opportunity. Why not start a business at home? If you can earn a second income it will be the first step in gaining financial freedom. Follow this plan to get started on the right road.
2)      Be positively optimistic. Making money at home is not impossible but if you have a negative approach you will never achieve anything.
3)      Do not mix with people who are negative. If they are members of your family so you can’t avoid them make it quite clear that being negative will not be tolerated. Let everyone else moan about how hard up they are now. You are going to do something about it.
4)      Being positive not letting your problems overwhelm you. It is not the same as ignoring the facts. So now you must make a complete breakdown of your financial situation. Sort them into a) Urgent (mortgage or rent, utility bills, Direct Debits, credit card or loan repayments, etc.). b) Important (living expenses, clothes, entertainment, etc.)  Can be postponed, reduced or cancelled (magazine subscriptions, club memberships, entertainments.)

5)      Now you need to look for money making business ideas and business opportunities. Everyone has some skill, information, experience or time that other people will be glad to pay for. So start thinking, start writing and work out just what you have to offer. Need help to develop your ideas? Visit http://showme-financialfreedom.co.uk/  and see how ‘Prospecting for Gold’ can take you step by step through the process of finding and developing your business niche as fast and as far as you want it to go.
Theodora is has produced a programme to help new entrepreneurs find a business that suits them. It also will give existing entrepreneurs the opportunity to extend their businesses or find new financial mountains to climb Show Me Financial Freedom

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