Thursday, October 18, 2012

Redundant? Unemployed? Could be the best thing that ever happened to you! Part one.

Theodora has produced a programme to help new entrepreneurs find a business that suits them. It also will give existing entrepreneurs the opportunity to extend their businesses or find new financial mountains to climb visit Show Me Financial Freedom .

Redundant?  Unemployed? Could be the best thing that ever happened to you.
If you’re in that position at the moment it probably doesn’t feel like it. But think about it. When you had a job, even if you didn’t particularly like it, you felt a degree of security. You just had to trundle on and at the end of the week or the month you would be paid.
You didn’t have to think about how to fill in the time, there were set patterns for what you had to do. Even in a position where you needed to use      you were still operating under the umbrella of the organisation. Now, suddenly, you have time to do ------ what?
The answer is that you now have the time and opportunity to take risks and start taking complete responsibility for your life.
If you hadn’t been forced into this position would you have dared take the risk of giving up everything that felt safe and secure and start your own business?
It isn’t all that difficult once you get started although it does require hard work and commitment particularly in the early stages. The up-side is that the income is all yours. No-one can sack you. You can stay as a comfortable small business or develop and expand.
You decide on your priorities. You enjoy the fruits of your labour. You are your own boss.

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In the meantime why not consider some suggestions for business start-ups in ‘Easy Ways to Make Money from Car Boot Sales and Markets’ and ‘Twelve Easy Ways to Make Money With Your Camera’ both by Lesley Cooper.   These short Ebooks are really inexpensive and are available to download from Amazon. They are part of the ‘Show Me Financial Freedom – The Key to Success’ series of short Ebooks which are designed to help readers find their own niches with suggestions for their development. More books are in preparation at the moment.


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