Monday, May 14, 2012

Prospecting For Gold Part One

Are you completely satisfied with where you are in life?
For most of us the answer is ‘No’.
So ask yourself - - -  What Do You Want? Really, Really Want?
(As the song puts it!)
More Time ~ ~ ~ ~ ?
To spend with your family and friends.
Or to travel to all those places you’ve heard about but never visited.
Or to take up a new hobby.
More Money ~ ~ ~ ~ ?
You couldn’t really do any of those extra things as often as you’d like without a lot more money.
So……  Wouldn’t You Like To Increase Your Income Dramatically
And………   Have All The Time To Enjoy It?
If you are already a multi-millionaire - or already have everything you want - you won’t be reading this. So I’ll assume you are like most of the rest of us and would like to make a lot more money and enjoy doing it.
That last bit is important.
Who wants to spend their time doing something they don’t enjoy?
Many people try to make millions and don’t succeed. The reason is they expect dramatic results yesterday if not sooner with hardly any effort on their part.
Or  They forget that thinking and planning what they are  going to do is NOT the same  as actually doing it.  In other words, they are so busy planning the trip they never start the journey. Then they complain because they haven’t got anywhere and blame it all on the map.
If you want to be successful you have to be methodical.
What you want is a plan of action –  And the determination to follow it through.
We have produced that plan for you called  ‘Prospecting For Gold’
This is a monthly programme that leads you step by step along the path to success.
It doesn’t matter whether you are a new entrepreneur or have been in business for a long time and want to try something new.
All that matters is that you are dissatisfied with where you are at the moment and want something more and better.
We can help you find that Something! Perhaps the thought of being a multi-millionaire – or even only a millionaire – seems highly improbable.
Perhaps all you want is enough cash in the Bank to be able to spend more time with your family, or on your hobby, or travelling or whatever. The principle is just the same. You take the same path to success but you stop when you have what you want. Or you can pause and take time out before carrying on with your journey.
Whatever your destination is you won’t get there until you have taken that first step.

'Prospecting For Gold Part Two' comes next.
Now Is The Time To Stop Dreaming And Begin The Journey.

'Prospecting For Gold Part Two' comes next.

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