Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Don’t Be Caught Out By Extravagant Promises.

These are desperate times. And it is at times like these that people are tempted to try these schemes that cost anything from £5,000-£9,000. And there are enough of them about. What makes them really attractive is the promise that if you don’t make a profit in the first few months you will be refunded anything you’ve spent.

Sounds great doesn’t it? You can’t lose – until you read the small print on the acceptance document you receive when you’ve made your money.

Somewhere near the end of the letter will be a sentence pointing out that the cost of the course isn’t included in that promise. Only expenses accrued after the introductory course will be considered. Even if you have only made £1 profit you won’t be able to claim.

Perhaps you realise that the opportunity may not be as golden as it first appeared but there is a let-out clause. The seminars are usually two or three days long. The promise is that if you think the business is not for you as long as you back out by the afternoon you can reclaim the full fee.

Drawback! - The full details of what commitment is required in the way of time and cash are not always made clear on the first day. In fact negative points are not made until it is too late.

What the people who promote these courses don’t tell you is that they make their money from selling the course to hopefuls like us, not from following the course.

To my mind the promoters of these courses are guilty of mis-selling. Trading Standards agree but as most of the people in the department know nothing about internet business they aren’t interested in following it up.

It is because of these what I see as dodgy practices that I decided to put together the Prospecting For Gold programme.

Prospecting For Gold helps you to find and develop a full or part time business (the choice is yours) using only the time and money you have at your disposal. There are guidelines for getting started even if you have little time and no money. You are helped to find what skills, knowledge or experience you have that people will be anxious to buy or learn.

You will learn how to get people to pay you for what they want from you.

And the unique promise is that at any time you can stop using the course and restart it whenever you want at the place you left off. You don’t have to start again from the beginning. And of course you don’t make any payments when you are not taking the monthly manuals.

It doesn’t cost thousands or even hundreds. I can offer Prospecting For Gold for just £27 per month. (Outside the UK fees will be slightly higher related to the cost of postage.)

Theodora is has produced a programme to help new entrepreneurs find a business that suits them. It also will give existing entrepreneurs the opportunity to extend their businesses or find new financial mountains to climb. Visit http://showme-financialfreedom.co.uk .

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