Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Stop Wingeing, Get A Life And Start Living

If I hear one more winge on TV I shall be very temted to put it out to be recycled.

We, as a nation, have got so soft and mollycoddled that as soon as anything goes wrong we start to winge and whine and demand that the Government 'Do something about it'.

It's about time people got real. There is a global economic downturn which could teeter into a recession at any moment so we all have to economise. So far everyone is agreed that there have to be drastic cuts - as long as they are made by someone else. Everyone thinks that their particular interest is too important and should be the exception that doesn't suffer any cut backs.

No-one and nothing should be exempt. If we can't afford it we can't have it. It's the only way we can get back on a sound economic footing and able to spend a bit more.

But what do you expect from a society that expects its young to stay in education for at least a third of it's pre-pension life.

The young are full of energy and joie de vivre and should be out in the real world getting to grips with life. As it is the only excitement some of them can generate is through vandalism, gangs and bullying. If they were earning a living they wouldn't have time for all that.

What's all this got to do with being your own boss?

Until we expect our young and ourselves to take responsibility for our own lives we will only be living a half life. When you are your own boss you have responsibility but the triumph and excitement you feel when you've cracked a problem and won through is exquisite.

So if times are tight get out there and start your own business and encourage your children to do the same instead of aiming at being wage slaves - no matter how well off that may make them.

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