Thursday, October 29, 2009

How Network Marketing Is Financed

Network marketing has all the benefits of a franchise with none of the expense involved in buying into a franchise.
Network marketing has all the advantages of owning a shop without the overheads.
A shopkeeper has to rent or buy business premises on which he has to pay rates, insurance, a large amount of stock or equipment, heating, lighting, telephone, water, etc.
A shopkeeper has to be in attendance at least 5 days a week for most days of the year for at least 8 hours a day. Or hire staff with the extra cost of wages, NI contributions, pension contributions and extra insurance.
All these expenses have to be paid for out of the income from the sale of goods or services.
Network marketing removes all this cost and you can be earning money from week one.
You sign up as an agent or distributor and pay a small sum which can be less than £100 for your starter equipment. All you order is what your customer has requested. They pay you the retail price you pay the company the wholesale price and keep the difference yourself. Bonuses are easily achievable on your volume of sales plus the volume of sales made by people you have recruited to join the scheme.
The company benefit by having a large number of outlets all over the country, sometimes even internationally without the expenses involved in having staff and premises etc. All the money they save goes to paying their agents.
These are not ‘get rich quick’ schemes. They are as good as you want them to be.
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