Friday, March 07, 2008

Let's Get Down To Business

So here I am back blogging again. This time it’s going to be updated daily to try to get through to some hopeful entrepreneurs who haven’t quite got where they want to be yet.

I’ve come across a lot of people who are getting very disheartened by the numerous get rich quick schemes there are. By the time you've bought them, tried them and found they aren't really for you it's easy to think you're doing something wrong or the scheme is a scam.

Most such schemes are genuine and have done what they claim for some people but by no means all.

So what are the reasons for failing?
a) You haven't really done much more than think what you might do.
b) You haven't followed the instructions to the letter.
c) A certain amount of luck is involved.
d) The scheme doesn't ring any bells for you.

Being an entrepreneur is like climbing a mountain. You don’t just need to know the route you have to know how to tackle it.

Consider I am your guide. I'm not going to climb the entrepreneurial ladder for you. I can show you how to chose the right business for you personally and then suggest the steps you should take to succeed.

I call this 'Prospecting For Gold'.

To find out more send your name and address (and 'phone number if you wish) to for a FREE information pack send.

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