Sunday, March 09, 2008

Take The Plunge

What would you say about a developer who bought some land but didn’t do anything with it – then complained because it hadn’t made any money for him?

Stupid, Huh?

Maybe another man wasn't that stupid. Maybe he got the land, bought the building materials, got them organised into neat piles and - - - went away and did something else! Then he, too, complained because he hadn’t made any money.

Both men explained that making money from building a house is impossible. The whole idea was a bad one. It was all probably just a big con! Not only that, but all the property developers who were successful were lying or just lucky.

Then you get the sensible bloke who made a fortune. He bought his plot, got the materials he needed and then, with the advice of an expert, built a house, sold it and was on the first step of success where the sky is the limit.

Which are you?

Do you invest in a scheme but fail to follow it through to success?


Did it not really set you on fire? Did you go into it convinced you wouldn't succeed? Or did you chicken out at the last minute?

If you want to succeed don't run up and down the bank or dip your toe in the shallows. Breathe deeply, square yourself up and TAKE THE PLUNGE.

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