Saturday, September 29, 2007

A warning to entrepreneurs who write regular newsletters.

Are you on a regular e-mail list?

Have you found that the e-mails you get are becoming more and more nothing more than marketing promotions for some affiliated product or other? They go something like this:-

‘Hi, Theodora,
I’ve just come across a brilliant new way to _ _ _ _. My friend (says who?), Joe Bloggs (or whoever) is making a £9k per week doing _ _ _. Now he’s offering to help you do the same.
I’ve looked at _ _ _ _ and it really is a fantastic opportunity.
Find out more about how he can help you become rich beyond your wildest dreams at http://www.-----.’

The first thing I notice is that the web page reference is a hoplink to an affiliate site. Anyone can register with Clickbank, Amazon, Ebay, etc and register as an affiliate of that product.

It’s probable that the person who sent you the e-mail has gleaned all the info about the product from the promotional blurb, not from personal experience.

Now I don’t mind that. What I do object to as the pretence that this is a personal information.

Why not come straight out and say:-

‘(Hi, Theodora,
I know you’re interested in _ _ _ _. Have you looked at (the hoplink to the affiliate’s page)? Let me know what you think.’

No pretence, straightforward and I’d probably visit the site even if I didn’t think I really was interested.

So be warned. Honesty is always best – even in affiliate marketing.

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