Thursday, March 15, 2007

Are You a Serial Seminar Attendee?

All entrepreneurs know the value of attending a good seminar. Meeting up with other entrepreneurs who have new ideas, different ways of working and a wide range of interests is ennervating.

Seminars also provide a good opportunity to increase your network of contacts.

These networks are important because they are your way of exploding your business into a phenominal explosion of success.

Unfortunately far too many seminar attendees never progress to anything like success.

They leave the venue full of enthusiasm clutching the goodies they've bought. Then once they are back home the enthusiasm wanes. Partners and friends are pessimistic and it's just easier to blame lack of success on the package you bought rather than admit you didn't give it a chance.

So you sign up for the next seminar. And the whole thing happens over again.

This addiction to seminars is not cheap. Most of them cost well into 4 figures and the products they sell you are also not cheap. And they don't guarantee success if you don't use them properly.

For that short time you are at the seminar and for a short while afterwards you bathe in the aura of the successful entrepreneurs who you met. You kid yourself that you too are one of them.

But you're not. Your just a seminar groupie!

You don't have to be. Sometimes all you needed was a little help to get up on that first step.

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