Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Ten Ways To Build A Customer List.

1. Preparation is 75% of the battle. Choose a niche subject which interests you and study the question and answer sections in relevant magazines. More information on readers’ problems is what they will pay for. So:-

2. The most obvious things is to find a product that a lot of people want. Notice want, not need. People will fulfil their wants rather than their needs. Buying something you want has the feel good factor.

3. Get to know your product. Come over as an expert by knowing what you’re talking about. Feel genuine enthusiasm.

4. Write a short Press Release about your product and email it to all the publications whose readers might be interested in your product. Don’t make false claims but make sure you note all the plus points. If you’re not sure how to write a good Press Release email for a Free leaflet.

5. Find clubs, organisations and web sites and write letters. Talk about what you know with fellow enthusiasts and you can’t go far wrong. Ask questions or request info from readers. Always include contact details. Replies will give you contact addresses of people who are actively interested in your chosen niche.

6. Contact secretaries of clubs with details to be put on notice boards or included in members’ newsletters. Offer special rates to people who order through them.

7. Put a brief advert in the classified sections of magazines and newspapers directing people to your web page for free information available via a squeeze page. Want to know more about squeeze pages? Email for free information.

8. If you make your promotion letters interesting to read then it’s not just people who share your interest that will be interested. Others readers will be intrigued and possible follow it up. This may sound odd but... people are interested in what’s interesting.

9. Have your product all ready to go as soon as you get the response you want. Have a follow-up product ready to promote in 2 to 4 weeks time.

10. Include a nice friendly letter thanking your customer for their custom. Possibly offer a desirable incentive gift in return for them recommending two addresses of people who might be interested in receiving information.

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