Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Is anyone else rather fed up with the length of business opportunity promotion letters these days?
We are told by the various gurus that letters should be at least twelve pages and preferably up to twenty or so. We are told thwey should contain lots of encouraging material as unique selling points and testemonials from people who have had incredible success with whatever system is being offered.
Frankly I get bored with the blurb. The longer the letter the more suspicious and bored I get. Also I find them time wasting. As regards testemonials - well they wouldn't publish comments from unsuccessful people, would they?
Of course I know why we get these long diatribes. Some people are too easily influenced by packaging.
Go round any store or gift shop around Christmas. Everything is packaged to catch your eye. It's still the same old bath foam, chocolate or whatever but with added pretty packaging to catch your eye.
Twelve to twenty pages of blurb is just so much packaging I can do without.
What I want to know from any business opportunity package is
a) What is it?
b) How does it work?
c) How long has it been on the market?
d) How much does it cost?
e) What guarantees are offered for dissatisfied customers?
f) What are the credentials of the person or organisation presenting the opportunity?
g) Any other relevant information.
That should fill about four pages at most.
Happy opportunity hunting.
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